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Soil Builder

Wiggle Worm Soil Builder organic fertilizer is 100% natural worm castings, no chemicals!

Jersey Devil Organics is a worm farm operation. We are located in New Jersey: our farm is in Piscataway, our main offices in Bedminster. We grow hundreds of thousands of cultured night crawler earthworms in a temperature-controlled indoor worm-condo community. They are fed screened topsoil, mulch and a selected combination of fine ground grains. The developing stock is continuously rotated through an assembly line of monitored-growth modules. In this way, their health and growth is strictly regulated to conform to standards which have been developed throughout thirty years of production success.

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Jersey Devil Organics markets these products to anglers and bait shops, to homeowners and in garden centers, hardware stores, florists and farmers' markets throughout New Jersey. Any of the products can be ordered directly online and shipped directly to your location. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please find out how you can benefit in your fishing or gardening (or both!).

Large cultured earthworms, which are the favored fishing bait worldwide.

The earthworm is nature's farmer. For millions of years, these simple creatures have worked constantly to improve the soil so that vegetation can flourish. When their work tilling the earth is done, they become the tastiest food a fish could want.

Cocoons containing two to five worm embryos each.

Worm castings, a naturally organic fertilizer which is highly beneficial to the improvement of garden soil and unusually nutritious for plant growth


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